NRA's Official Trainer's Forum

NRA Trainer's Forum 

NRA Education and Training has established their official NRA Trainer's Forum.  If you are an NRA Training Conselor, Instructor, or Coach; you are strongly encouraged to join this forum. There are presently over 2700 trainers and coaches who have joined. You may join by clicking below.

Trainer Forum on SLACK App

Firearms Trainer's Forum

An Firearms Trainer's Forum workspace has been established using the SLACK app. If you are an Instructor, Training Counselor or Coach; you can join this platform for collaborating with other trainers on the courses you teach. Individual channels (e.g. # nra-bops) have been created. Just select the channels of your interest. You can post questions, information and/or be notified of postings in these channels by other trainers.

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