Connecticut Firearm Prohibitors

The State of Connecticut prohibits persons from possessing firearms under certain conditions. You may also review the Connecticut State Police publication by clicking the learn more button. If you fall under any of the conditions listed and/or equivalent elements of the statutes listed from the state you reside in or have resided in; I cannot provide the training. Please do NOT register for a session if you are prohibited from possessing firearms.

Connecticut Use of Force Statutes

Connecticut statutes defining the use of force and self defense can be viewed in a document by clicking the learn more button. These statutes are provided as they are written in the statutes and without interpretation or opinion.

Connecticut Jury Instructions for Justification Defenses

The Connecticut Court Jury Instructions pertaining to Justification Defenses (Section 2.8) can be downloaded below for review. The jury instructions will provide you with insight on how the statutes on self defense and use of force are applied in court.

The Law of Self Defense Course

If you carry a handgun for protection, do you know the five elements that need to be present to be able to claim self defense if you have to act to protect yourself or your family? I highly recommend the course offered by Attorney Andrew Branca called: "The Law of Self Defense" which is offered online, DVD and live seminars. I also highly recommend the supplemental state specific supplement of the course which addresses the specific state statutes pertaining to self defense laws. Click the learn more button. As Attorney Branca wants you to "train to win the physical fight, but also to train to win the legal fight." 

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